Thursday, February 22, 2001

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! omigod, if you want to waste a lot of time and laugh your ass off, go to this site. it is sooooo funny, except after a little while you are just mindlessly clicking away.... good for an initial outburst of pathetic laughter. question is, how into it will you get, and will you send in a pic of yourself????
augh. it's almost 10am and i have yet to get a move on. i'm such a slacker. easily distracted. must get ass in gear. must pull away from computer.....
TO-DO today-

*deposit paycheck at the bank- a measely 98 bucks for 2 weeks; damn part-time job at the mall. i need to quit that job. it's a waste of my time and energy.
*return items to Target - i had bought some "nice" clothes to wear to Les Miserables with jeff, but ended up wearing something more "me", so i am returning a long grey skirt (it makes my thighs look worse than they are), some black flats (who am i kidding? i will never wear dress shoes, i wore my ratty, chunky brown/black two-tones), and two pairs of knee-high trouser socks (spur of the moment, hell, i was buying a long skirt and black flats, i'm supposed to get special socks for that right?)
*pick/up & deliver flyers - i'm the delivery girl for No Clubs, i distribute their concert flyers to all the local record stores and skate parks. i also deliver ticketmaster tickets for them too, but they don't pay me to do it, and that bothers me; delivering the tickets and them picking up the money for them, etc. takes more time, effort, and responsibility than doing the flyers, yet i don't get paid for it. ugh.
*pick-up jeff from work around 5pm - his car died (84' dodge omni), so we've been sharing my car (95' VW golf, british-racing green, nice rims, lowered front end, sport intake & exhaust, got a speeding ticket the 2nd day i had it), he's got a geo tracker and a VW karmann gia, but they're at his parents house, and have been sitting there for about a year... we've been slackin' and haven't gone out there to get one of them. i kinda hope he takes some initiative to do it soon though, or else i see a repeat of my last long-term relationship, and just the thought of that irks me.
*go to band practice from 5:30pm till 10pm or so - actually i need to get there a little early cuz i need to change my bass strings. and i gotta remember to take my samick guitar so ian will have a back-up guitar. and i gotta grab a 6 pack on the way cuz ian wanted to have a "beer practice". i wonder if he told josh to get beer.... i wonder if it bothers erin when we have "beer practices"?